Saturday, October 1, 2011

Red wine chocolate cake + Frocktober

Hello :) So after all these savoury dishes it was about time I made something sweet! And I knew exactly what I wanted to make, because after I'd seen this recipe I wanted to make it straight away!! Red wine chocolate cake. I mean seriously! Do I even need to explain? 

When I made this oh-so-divine chocolate cake yesterday afternoon I was lucky enough that 2 lovely friends were over, so I got to share it. Woo! 

Here's a link to the recipe :) And here's how it turned out...

The recipe used 3/4 cup of red wine, so you can definitely smell & taste that it's there. It gives such rich taste, oh my, it's amazing. Probably the best chocolate cake I've ever made...just saying. So now it's the long weekend I suggest you all make it too ;) 

And I've decided to participate in Frocktober! I was inspired by Lady Melbourne participating in it herself so I thought, why not! All the money raised goes directly to Ovarian Cancer research which is fantastic. And who doesn't like wearing dresses? I'll probably take photos (just to prove to people I did it) and might even blog about it too, so look out! If you would like to donate you can see my page here :) I've set my goal to $150, so we'll see how I go!

Hannah x


  1. YEY Hannah! This cake is drool worthy!! I wish I could eat it :(

  2. Leah- hehe I wish I could give you some :) x

  3. Oh wow, that cake looks amazing! It's my boyfriend's birthday next week so I may have to use that as an excuse to make it.

    Also, yay for Frocktober! I'm participating in it too and am super excited about everything I have planned! Good luck with your fundraising :)

  4. That cake looks delicious. I hope you saved me some :). Also I definitely approve of donating money to see you in a dress. I'll remmerber to make a generous donation when I get back.

  5. Jennifer- Ooh you should totally make it for him- it's so yum :) And yay, goodluck with yours too, I think leggings are going to be my best friend when its cold though! x

    Adrian- thanks ;) I hope you do donate... now please come back already :) x