Sunday, October 9, 2011

Silken tofu, berry & chocolate smoothie

Hello :) I know what you're thinking..."you so crazy"! Let me explain. A little while ago on an episode of Good Chef, Bad Chef the nutritionist Janella Purcell made a smoothie with silken tofu. I think from memory (you had to pay for recipes which was annoying!) the other ingredients included lychees, rice milk and pear concentrate. Well I thought that sounded interesting! I remember she used silken tofu in a lot of her recipes to make everything creamy and delicious, but healthy too.

Well this morning I realised we had silken tofu so I wanted to experiment from my Sunday breakfast. I basically looked around in our kitchen and this is what I came up with: raspberries, rice milk, cacao, silken (soft) tofu, oats and blueberries.

So I got my bamix blender out and whizzed up a handful of frozen raspberries and blueberries, 1/2 cup of oats, 1/2 block of silken, 2 teaspoons of cacao and 600mL of rice milk. 


A thick, creamy & delicious smoothie! Well that's what I thought anyway. I gave some to my mother and she thought it was too gritty but drank it anyway (woops!). My sister said it was nice but I couldn't really tell if she was being sarcastic because she then covered her face with the newspaper and started to laugh..."Don't look at me Hannah, you're making me laugh". Yeah sure. 

Not trying to turn you off, I thought it was delicious! Because it was my breakfast I wanted it to be thick so I added the oats, however if you want a thinner smoothie here's what you'd do:
- Omit the oats. 
- Use less berries
- Add more milk 

Oh and you can't even taste the silken tofu! I should try the same combination as Janella did, and because it will be a lot thinner, I'd probably be able to tell the tofu made it creamy. 

What are your favourite smoothie recipes?

Hannah x


  1. Mmm not quite convinced on the whole tofu-in-a-smoothie idea, although I'm a HUGE fan of putting spinach in my smoothies and even though people look at me like I'm insane, I swear you cannot taste the spinach!

    Banana, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, natural yoghurt, splash of milk, handful of spinach, almonds for crunch - delicious! I swear I'm drinking at least two smoothies a day at the moment. xxx

  2. Jane- hehe I swear you can't taste the tofu, it's so soft that it blends very well! I've never tried spinach in a smoothie, sounds good. I'll try it :)

  3. Sounds good!

  4. I totally believe you! I make them too when I have silken tofu around - although my tofu choc-berry smoothies are a little sweeter as I'm using up the Nesquik in my cupboard...

  5. t- thanks!

    Cecilia- Nice! that's so great to hear someone has tried this too...I don't feel weird anymore ;) Oh yum, nesquik! My smoothie did need a bit of sweetness.

  6. Janella loves silken tofu! It is a great ingredient to use. I LOVE a gritty smoothie, I love oats in mine too. I really can't go past a good banana smoothie :)
    Heidi xo

  7. Heidi- mmm yum banana, I should make one of those smoothies next time! x