Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend snippets...

1. Vegetarian dumplings at the Night Noodle markets. Yummo! We didn't stay long because it was sprinkling and we weren't that hungry but there were lots of delicious looking eats...
2. I made crepes for breakfast on Saturday, except they were quite small. Still yummy though :)
3. I went with Adrian to uni (seriously, who goes to uni on a Saturday?), then walked down Newtown to go home. This whole trying-to-save-money thing became quite difficult when there was a baguette & custard tart to be bought from Luxe Expresso and the new issue of Frankie, from magnation.
4. I picked a few strawberries from our garden, exciting :) These two lucky hadn't been eaten already by bugs!

I'm also halfway through The Sunday Philosophy Club, which is the prequel to Friends, Lovers & Chocolate. I'm really liking it so far, with the female protagonist being a philosopher living in Scotland who enjoys classical music. What's not to love?

Hannah x


  1. yay strawberries! they look divine. last year i tried to grow some and they were totally ruined my bugs D:

  2. Oh i miss the night noodle markets :(

    The crepes and strawberries look wonderful.

    Love Frankie!!!! :D

  3. I tried growing strawberries last year and got exactly 1. Now I just buy them in punnets:)

  4. Those dumplings look phenomenal! I'm going to try and get to the Night Noodle Markets next weekend. xxx

  5. Holly- sorry to hear!

    Leah- It is a great market, so nice to be out with daylight savings :)

    Sarah- yeah, I did cherish those two strawberries as we don't get many ;)

    Jane- yay! Have fun :)

  6. delishy! it's past midnight, i can eat again, right?


    Bang & Buck

  7. Wow, I'm impressed with your strawberries! & I have a serious crepe craving now!!
    Heidi xo