Friday, October 7, 2011

Flourless orange cake

Hello :) First of all this post is dedicated to one of my closest friends, Miss Tara who has just left the country for a possible year long adventure! First she shall be volunteering with elephants in Thailand, then she'll travel for Munich for a few weeks, then around Europe and then she'll most probably settle and live/work in England for a while. Oh how I envy those with British passports! My friend Renee and I are planning to possible join her in Europe next year in between uni semesters!!! Although this means I will need a job kind of very soon...

So whilst she can't have any of this cake (oh ha ha) I will dedicate this to her! Oh and Tara if you're reading this:
1. Keep reading this 
2. Send me postcards :)

But back to the cake! Yes it is another recipe I found from The Circle, after trawling through there recipe videos. Here's a link to the recipe :)

Without icing...

With the cream cheese icing...

All sliced up...

Why haven't I made a classic flourless orange cake before? I don't know! It was super moist & yummy! I don't usually make icing for cakes, but the cream cheese icing was very simple and light. I didn't want to add too much though- so I used a bit less. 

Have you ever made a flourless orange cake? I'd like to make a flourless chocolate cake soon....mmmm!


Just thought I'd add some silly photos, I stumbled upon of (L-R, first photo) myself, Renee and Tara. I'd like to say this was taken several years ago, but it was actually last year at our athletics carnival, because who doesn't dress up like men? I went through a bit of a menswear stage, so yes they are mostly my clothes!
I will miss being 'gangster' with you Tara! 

Well have a lovely day :)

Hannah x


  1. What a lovely sentiment :) seriously, flourless orange cakes are incredible! I'm only really recently discovering the fabulousness that is cream cheese icing (because silly me used to dislike carrot cake). This looks great. Oh & YAY to possibly Europe next year! When do you think you'll go - over christmas time or mid-year?
    Heidi xo

  2. Heidi- Yes! Cream cheese icing is awesome- first time I've made it too!! We're thinking of going mid-year, definitely could not afford to go this summer!! x