Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday & Friday snapshots...

Hello :) Since I will be spending the weekend at uni, or studying at home I thought I would entertain you with some snippets of how my Thursday & Friday were spent...

In the morning, I was lucky enough not to have any classes till 1:30 so I had brunch with Adrian :) We went to Single Origin cafe in Surry hills. I wanted to try something different so I had these Persian spiced baked beans with feta & dukka. Just delicious!
A quick dinner before ballet. I had a sushi with sweet tofu with ginger, carrot and sesame seeds and another with pumpkin tempura. This sushi place in Newtown has such yummy vegetarian options! 

Morning tea! Vanilla & rose black tea and a nectarine. I'm so excited that nectarines and peaches are coming in season, so juicy and sweet...
In the evening I met my friend Renee and we went to the Noodle Markets. It was so crowded though and luckily I had actually bought some sticky rice and mango from a Thai restaurant I past on my way, so we shared that. Nothing beats fresh mango!
yum yum. You can't really tell in this photo- but I'm still participating in Frocktober! This amazing weather we've been having lately, has made it quite easy. I'm loving dresses at the moment :) 
Renee..who recently cut her hair into a stylish crop!

After relaxing in Hyde Park, we walked up Oxford St and saw Midnight in Paris at the Palace Verona. I can't recommend this movie enough!! It was absolutely delightful and we were in fits of giggles the whole way through...go and see it! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Hannah x


  1. I was at the Noodle Markets last night as well! Even though it was so packed, I kept seeing people that I knew. Didn't see you though :( And even though it was busy, the lines were moving surprisingly fast, thank god!

    I had my first nectarine of the season on Thursday as well - soooo good! I love Summer fruit xxx

  2. Yummmm all of that food looks SO GOOD! Especially the baked beans yum yum yum, looks like there's some feta in there too?! x

  3. Jane- Oh yay you were there too! We were actually sitting to the left of the markets on the grass, but I would have liked to see you :)

    Annette- Yes there was feta in delish :)

  4. Ooooh I want to see Midnight in Paris! yaya for sticky rice & mango. Best. That mango looks insanely delicious!
    Heidi xo