Monday, October 3, 2011


Hello :) So last week was my mid session recess from uni. My one week break. Well it was a break, a holiday perhaps, but I wanted it to be a study week! I wanted to have all my notes up to date, do all my pre workshops and labs for the following week and basically understand everything in preparation for final exams. But most of the time I sat down to study, things got in the way or I got distracted. 

And I've realised why I found it so hard. It's because I've had no routine! I'd wake up whenever I wanted, leisurely make myself breakfast etc etc. When I sat down I thought "I have all day"! So I'd do something else such as invite friends over, cook something delicious or read a book. 

When uni is on I wake up at 5:45, I'm out the door within an hour, on the train from Central around 7:30 where I study for half an hour and read for an hour. Everything is organised! In my breaks, I'll usually get a soy latte and go to the library to study. I enjoy routines and need them. 

That's why I'm looking forward to going back tomorrow- getting back into the swing of things. Don't get me wrong, I love relaxing and having time off. It's just not productive! So hopefully my study routine will be up and running tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Do you enjoy having routines?

Oh and just to mix it up, I've been enjoying Frocktober so far! The day before it started I actually bought a lovely dress, with a myer voucher I had. It's quite rare I buy a dress in new condition! I've pretty much been wearing this dress everyday so far...I quite like the buttons at the back. 

I do have one issue with the dress however- there is no lining in the skirt and so it is a bit see through in the light! So far it's been cold, so I've been wearing it with tights/leggings, but does anyone know where I can purchase a short slip or something?

So here I am, just pretending I'm a hip fashion blogger ;) And covering my face, cause I'm just cool. Behind me is where my dresses are kept!

Well hello there buttons.

Hannah x


  1. Such a gorgeous dress! I can't go past a row of pretty buttons!


  2. What a beautiful dress! Very lady like and pretty :)

    I love having my routine, but at the same, it's nice to throw routine out the window every so often. I've spent the past 2 weeks on uni holidays and have completely enjoyed the lazy days at home. Not looking forward to going back tomorrow!! xxx

  3. I feel your pain. I thrive on routine. Organisation is essential, or I go slightly crazy. BUT I find I definitely need to embrace a little bit of down time each week and just relax, whether it's reading blogs, painting my nails or hanging out with my boyfriend. Otherwise I end up feeling completely run down and stressed. Good luck with the studying. I have no doubt you'll ace the exams. Pretty frock, btw. You can get slips at Target/Myer/DJ lingerie section. X

  4. Bonnie- neither can I :) x

    Jane- I know, I totally agree with you! I just loved having a week off (you had 2? lucky!), but at the same time I really needed to do some work! x

    Sonya- yes- completely agree :) I like doing all those things! You definitely need down time too. Ooh and thanks, I'll look out for one. x

  5. I love that dress, adorable back button details! :)


  6. Great dress! I do like routines. I guess on days off now, like weekends, I can never sleep in anyway so I don't really struggle to be without a routine. Plus every 4 hours I'm doing something different in my work and often moving between sites. Each day is incredibly different. So I guess my routine is not really a typical routine haha. Maybe that helps me adapt...gosh I've just said some nonsense. Hope you understood it :)
    Heidi xo