Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Exercise...what's that?"

Hello :) So lately, I think I've been getting the whole "healthy eating" down pat. I've been quite happy with myself- cooking up lots of lentils/quinoa to take in salads to uni, eating lots of vegetables, only drinking coffee about once a week, avoiding sugar and processed foods and getting lots of sleep. Although I know on a holistic level diet is only one aspect of our health, and something I would like to improve on is...exercise!

Commuting to uni makes it hard, as I get home late but today was actually my last day of uni (heck yes!), so now I'll have a bit more time on my hands. Sure I have study and exams, but it's not as structured and I don't have to go in most days. Currently my exercise includes walking to uni & back from the station most days (about 15 minutes each way) and a 1.5 hour ballet class each week. Yep. Not much! So here's what I'd like to add to my fitness regime...

- 1 hour pilates class on Saturday morning.
- Swim at my local swimming pool once or twice a week.
- 7km powerwalk at the Bay Run once a week

Nothing too high intensity, but it all helps and I always feel so much better!

What kind of exercise do you do? Motivate me :)

Haha..I was trying to find a "sporty" photo of myself, and all I found was one of me hula hooping at a festival. Hey, whatever works!

Hannah x


  1. Hehe awesome photo!
    I do my weekly ballet class, and I've just started doing boxing training again once per week. I am determined to start going for morning walks/runs before work, now that its so light

  2. I just 'stumbled' across your blog and it's so much fun! To increase my exercise I got a bike recently and commute to work by cycling. Exploring the city by bike is also a great way to have a fun weekend day out on the cheap.

    I don't normally refer bloggers back to my own posts in comments, but I've featured an interview with another really cool vego/vegan blogger on The Spring today that might interest you.

    - Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)

  3. Cate- Ooh boxing, how fun! I should really go for more walks too...such a great way to clear my mind too :)

    Catherine- Congrats on cycling the work, that's awesome! Just checked out the interview, it's great, and fab blog too :)

  4. Hi Hannah ;)

    My fave exercise is yoga yoga yoga. I also see a personal trainer once a week USUALLY but it's been raining a lot lately, and now she's out of town so I'm feeling exercise-withdrawal. I think your plan sounds great.

    You should throw in a yoga dvd though :) It will make you feel incredible.

    Have you done it before? x

  5. Annette- I've done a few casual yoga classes- they were great! I've never tried it on a DVD, not sure if i'd be motivated!

  6. I've been getting back into exercise lately after a period of not a lot. I used to be all about running and body attack, but my knee got a little bunged. now i like to walk/jog 4-5 times a week. thats my current goal :) swimming sounds amazing too - such a hard workout!
    Heidi xo