Saturday, January 15, 2011

Becoming a hat person

Hello :) We've been having hot weather in Sydney of late. One problem though with hot, sunny weather  is the strong risk of getting sun burnt, or even developing skin cancer! I know this is common knowledge- but I also believe wearing a hat can be truly beneficial for your skin health, protecting you from the harmful UV rays and keeping your skin looking beautiful!

The title of the post is actually named after a chapter in 'The Healthy Skin Diet', where nutritionist Karen Fischer discusses the concerns of skin cancer, what UV radiation is, sunscreen, and how to do a self-examination. There are important 'key points' at the end of the chapter, some I think worth mentioning in relation to sun exposure/skin cancer:
1. Apply sunscreen, protective clothing and a hat if you're spending time in the sun
2. Try to keep out of the sun between 10a.m. and 3.p.m
3. Avoid getting sunburnt at all costs- a tan is not worth sacrificing your precious skin or your life!
4. Become a hat person and wear a hat when outdoors
5. Use a lightweight hypoallergenic sunscreen
6. It's important to avoid sunburn, however it's also essential for your health to have small daily doses of sunshine. Ten minutes of sun exposure a day is recommended for healthy vitamin D production.

Not trying to lecture, but I think it's  something to keep in mind, especially in this hot, humid, summer weather! Wearing a hat can look dorky but there are heaps of great looking versions out there! I was never really into hats, but recently found a wide brimmed one I really like and wear it often now. The first step is finding one you like and the second (most important) step is actually wearing it! The truth is, it may actually save your life.

Would you consider yourself a hat person?

Hannah x


  1. Thank you very much for you comment on my blog. You're absolutely right, all we have is hope. I have always admired you!
    You're wonderful.
    And, my God, I know. It's stinking hot. I hate muggyness.

  2. I have definitely had more than my fair share of sunburns in the past and I never really seem to wear a hat so its possible that the two are related somehow. I don't relaly wear hats because I don't want my perfect hair to get squashed and misshapen but I guess some sacrifices will have to be made to protect myself from those harmful UV rays.

  3. I have just written a blog about this and definitely consider hat shopping as something of a massive chore!! I've bitten the bullet this year, however, and invested. My recent brush with sunburn has taught me a lesson!