Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tempeh salad

Hello :) Remember my 2011 health resolutions? Well one of my resolutions was to experiment with more ingredients so for dinner tonight I decided to try tempeh, a soy product (similar to tofu).

First of all, the nutrient content. On the packet is claims to be:
-  A source of protein and vitamin B12
- Whole food containing plenty of natural fibre and minerals
- Free of cholesterol and easy to digest
- An excellent diet food; low in saturated fat
- Good texture with satisfying flavour

Well that sounds pretty good to me! I cooked it just how I would tofu by cutting it into cubes, marinating in soy sauce and sesame oil (I was surprised at how they soaked up all the liquid- more so than tofu) and pan-fried the cubes in some extra virgin olive oil. After a few minutes the pieces were golden brown and done!

Then I quite simply mixed the tempeh cubes with spinach leaves, grated beetroot and carrot, baby tomatoes and spring onions. Added a squeeze of lemon, a sprinkle of sesame seeds and my salad was complete!

So, the taste? It has a very different texture to tofu which is hard to describe. It's less 'spongy' than tofu and more 'mushy'. It's a bit of an acquired taste (my mother didn't like it!) but I thought it was nice and would love to cook more with it in stir-fries and salads. A great source of protein in a vegetarian diet and so easy to prepare!

Have you ever eaten tempeh before? What did you think? Any recipe ideas? Feel free to comment!

Hannah x


  1. Mmm...tempeh...can't say its my favourite protein substitute in my vegetarian diet. If I remember correctly it has lumpy little lumps in it? - stick to tofu instead! mmm...tofu! (ps. I just made a healthy museli slice - oats, dates, prunes, raisins, orange and lemon juice, cornflour, honey and golden syrup - just a bit!)

  2. I used to buy Tempeh all the time, I miss it!

    I used to have it in homemade sushi with brown rice carrot and cucumber and lots of wasabi YUM

    For naughty sunday brunches with my Mr I used to slice it thinly and fry till golden and serve with roasted tomato, fried onion and spinach and toast

    I also used to sneak it into my Mr's beef stirfrys, by cutting in strips like the beef he never knew!

  3. I used to eat tempeh all the time. Its actually nicer if you fry it first then put into salad. Theres this nice indonesian salad with peanut sauce that you can find on google called gado gado and they use tempeh in it. try it theyre yum!:)