Monday, January 31, 2011


Hello :) So, I've decided to copy an idea from the beauty website Primped. For the month of January (or as they said "JanYOUary") the team at Primped dedicated the month to health, wellbeing, positivity, advice and made it all about YOU. I thought this was a fun idea, and everyone likes feeling a little bit spesh, don't they? Well now that January is almost over (oh my!), I decided it would be fun to do something  similar for the month of FebYOUary.

What I mean by this is making this month count in terms of health, beauty, wellbeing and so forth. Having small health goals, spending a bit of effort making yourself feel great, and taking time to relax and totally unwind. I'm not trying promoting vanity by any means, but simple goals which you can put into practice to make yourself feel fabulous.

 Here's some of my goals I've come up with for the month of FebYOUary:
1. Stretch every day. This is going to be really hard for me. In my 2011 health resolutions, I made it a goal to stretch a few times a week, but the truth is, I haven't really at all during January. But realising the principle of reversibility does actually happen after stopping dance classes a few months ago I'm determined to improve my flexibility.
2. Swim 2km. Lately I've been swimming laps in the afternoons a few times a week. I've been improving and can now do 1-1.5km, taking a small break every few laps. I want to continue to improve and maybe even get to 2km (40 laps).
3. Start exfoliating twice a week. Although I don't see the point in spending money on exfoliators when you can easily make your own. For my face I use a mixture of almond meal, oats, honey, milk and sometimes even yoghurt! For my body I use a basic mixture of sugar and olive oil. I usually do it every few weeks but lately I've noticed my skin gets really dry after coming back from the beach/pool so I will try this twice a week.
4. Do a facemask once a week! Especially as the temperatures soar, it's always fun popping on a facemask and chilling for a bit. I have one by Bloom that I use occasionally but sometimes make my own too. I might post some recipes another time.
5. Focus on eating foods that make my skin glow. Instead of thinking 'oh this is bad for me' I'd rather focus on food that's going to fill my body with nutrients and is good for my skin. In the latest Body and Soul liftout it was discussed that eating fresh fruit and vegetables leads to glowing skin as well as being more attractive to the opposite sex (ha ha), so now there's no excuse! I want to cut out as much processed food too. Not because I want to 'lose weight' but because I will have more energy, better digestion and improved skin.

Take time to focus on YOU and make this coming month count. What do you think? Will you join me? Have any goals for the month of FebYOUary? It's time to stop and smell the roses ;)

I will be posting more on this soon! 

Hannah x

P.S. This is also my 50th post!! So thanks for following my blog thus far, I can't believe how fast time has gone by!!


  1. I love the health focus of your blog :)
    Nice to read about caring for one's self.
    And your fashion is great :)

  2. These are great ideas! I've really been wanting to start stretching every day. I have the time, I don't know why I don't just do it!

  3. I'm loving your blog hannah. Just the delicious looking inspiration I need to stay on the bandwagon and eat my vegies xx

  4. Great to-do list! :) I might just have a go at following them this month too. Maybe. I'm always terrible with those things, but I really like your list! :D

  5. Yumm! How have I never seen this blog before?

  6. Haha commented in wrong spot - zucchini bake, making, stat.