Friday, January 21, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Hello :) So the other day the delightful Princess Frivolous nominated me for a Stylish blogger award. Thanks!! :) Pretty cool, huh? Basically I have to reveal 7 things about myself and nominate 15 blogs, I've recently discovered. I thought this would also be a fun opportunity to share some things about myself that are completely unrelated to food!

1. I play the oboe and violin. Well, I should really say "used to" as I haven't played both for the past 6 months however I really want to start playing again! I actually decided to take out my oboe the other night, but could hardly play for 5 minutes without getting out of breath, so something to work on! I used to play in the school band too, and was once Drum Major when we marched on ANZAC Day, because as they say "you can't march with an oboe"....(the reed might have choked me, somehow).
2. My star sign is Virgo. And I pretty much act like one. I absolutely love cleaning/arranging my bedroom, writing lists (to make me feel organised) and I can be a perfectionist too. 
3. I find old ladies incredibly stylish. I love seeing old ladies dressed in blouses, pleated skirts, white gloves, chic bags and trendy loafers. I sometimes wonder what my generation will look like in 50 to 60 years time. Will we dress as classic and elegantly? (I hope so!)
4. I used to collect stamps. When I was younger, I used to have a subscription to "Scientrific" magazine (a super cool science magazine for kids). Well one day, I entered a crossword competition and won this cool stamp pack and folder. From then on, I used to collect the stamps from our letters. I think I still have them all lying around somewhere...
5. I adore French films. There's something so delightful and charming about French films. My favourites include: Hunting and gathering, the diving bell and the butterfly, amelie, a very long engagement, russian dolls and priceless. Recently I've seen the heartbreaker and LOL, which I'd definitely recommend!
6. I also adore period drama films. The costumes, the history...I just can't get enough. My favourites include: Bright star, atonement, Marie Antoinette, the edge of love, the duchess, coco avant chanel, pride and prejudice (both versions!) and tess of the d'ubervilles.
7. At the moment I'm really into folk/gypsy/jazz music. I love discovering small Australian bands at bars, folk festivals etc. I like all kinds of 'folk' too, especially the kind you can go crazy and dance too (so maybe more folk/rock). Some recent discoveries include: rapskallion, D.O.C jones and the lechery orchestra, tinpan orange, lolo lovina and the crooked fiddle band. Here's some examples:


  1. Thankyou so much for the nom! Looking forward to checking out the links to the gypsy/folk bands and lovely blogs you mentioned. Happy weekend! xx

  2. I wish I could play a musical instrument. I am beginning to really like the violin. Very lucky girl :)

    I have a stamp collection! Harboured by my grandpa really. It all just sits in a big box in my wardrobe. I'll sort it out one day. :)